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I’m Back

MtG: Regeneration

With the onset of these large (Mw 6+) Chilean earthquakes, I felt too disconnected to the realtime streams of information that I knew could be easily tapped on Twitter.

Aside from that, I missed the connections that I made with username @peccavi, which now belongs to someone else. You guys are too awesome to forget!

P.S. If I had a logical explanation for why I dropped Twitter the first time, I would gladly explain it.

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Death of a Twitter

3 February 2010 3 comments

I have never had to delete an online account.
That was, until 2 days ago.
I thought it would be easy.
Just a simple click. Nothing big.
I was wrong.
It was my Twitter account.
I thought that I was merely giving up my little niche in the twitterverse.
My own little piece of real estate on the Internet.
Again, I was wrong.
It feels like death. Death to something that had been me.
My light on the Internet may not have shone the brightest, amongst all its superstars…
But it was my light.
My light.
And now it’s gone.

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