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I’ll take salsa from New York City, but not the chickens

When someone is certain of an outcome that is yet to be determined, one says “don’t count your chicks before they hatch”.

When someone is frantic, one is said to be “running around like a chicken with its head cut off”.

But… What exactly does the idiom, “keep fucking that chicken”, mean? Ernie Anastos could probably explain.


News Flash… Err, News Flashed!

Ok. So it’s not exactly news, but they certainly were accidentally flashed on Les bétises de Monsieur Pierre. Je suis d’accord – merci, madamoiselle.

(via @StrangeGuys)

Jenny Slate said what???

CensorshipJenny Slate’s debut on the last night’s season premiere on Saturday Night Live is sure to cause a stir. During a live biker girl talk show skit, where a lot of freakin’ swear words were being slung, Slate dropped the F-word by accident.

In an effort to clean up this mess, I’m sure YouTube videos of this faux pas are bound to be taken down sooner rather than later… NBC and FCC trying to keep this video from propagating is like parents trying to shield their kids’ innocence. Give up the puritanical goals and deal with reality — she said fucking.

My two cents: An educated person (adult or child) can make wiser decisions than an ignorant innocent.

WARNING: Video contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised.