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Getting stoned is not fun

ER Tag (26 Aug 2009)A couple of days ago… I headed over to the local Emergency Charge-you-a-lot-of-money-as-you-squirm-in-excruciating-pain-while-you-fill-out-insurance-forms Room — for a kidney stone that felt like a rusty spade bit drilling into me.

Here is my idea… What if the insurance companies issued insurance cards that function similarly to credit cards? Hand the insurance card over to the receptionist, they swipe, and you either get accepted or denied. The card could also act like a MedicAlert card, and conveys information about  pre-existing medical conditions that the patient may or may not have. Is that too simple?

Filling out insurance and release forms every time you go to a different medical or dental facility is like filling out a credit  check form every time you shop at a different store! It’s terribly inefficient, and pointlessly time-consuming.

Read the FAQ (by, if you would like to know more about kidney stones.