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Quadrotor Helicopter for iPhone

A two-minute promo video by Parrot AR Drone. I’d explain further, but the video shows it so clearly. If I ever win the lottery, I’m sure the AR.Drone will be in the top 100 things to splurge on.

Thanks to @brianshiro for the Twitter heads-up.

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How to Jailbreak the iPhone OS 3.1.2

Precaution: Backup your iPhone! This should always be the first step when hacking into anything. In case you need a guide on how to do this, Apple has the instructions for creating and restoring a backup of your iPhone.

Install blackra1n:

Step 1. Download the blackra1n.exe file from

Step 2. Run the blackra1n.exe file from your PC.

Step 3. Click on make it ra1n.

Step 4. Your iPhone will go into recovery mode, and then reboot on its own (the screen will display a picture of GeoHot as the phone boots up).

Step 5. From your iPhone, run the blackra1n app.

Step 6. Choose an installer (I chose Cydia).

Note: Do not install Cydia and Icy at the same time!

Step 7. Once you’ve installed an installer, it’s safe to uninstall blackra1n.

Much mahalo and aloha to GeoHot for blackra1n.

DISCLAIMER: I do not advocate the jailbreaking of iPhone for the purpose of pirating, tethering, cracking, or other malevolent deeds.