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My usual places

Whenever I go to San Francisco, for the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting, I always end up eating at the same places every year. Sure I try new things every time I go, but there are always certain eateries that I always want need to visit.

  1. Yank Sing – dim sum
    In my never-ending search for good dim sum, this place delivers classic dishes that propel the palate to southern China. Although I am thoroughly convinced that dim sum can only be done justice in Hong Kong, Yank Sing comes close enough to the real thing that perhaps the food can even pass in Kowloon. This place is not inexpensive and lacks the hole-in-the-wall appeal. But, it’s the closest to authentic taste that I find in San Francisco. I usually rack up over a dozen dishes by myself.
  2. Thirst Bear – beer and tapas
    Chic. Yummy. Fun. What else is there? I love the beer and tapas. The paella is to die for. Seriously, this place is a must for anyone who wishes to indulge the senses. I often have their vanilla beer and calamari, while relaxing with friends.
  3. Lefty O’Doul’s – piano bar and cafeteria
    For the student who’s on a budget, you can’t help but migrate to Lefty’s. If you’re looking to stretch your per diem, then cheap beer and cheap food is always a good combination.
  4. Bangkok Noodles & Thai BBQ – diamond in the rough
    Situated on Powell between Ellis and O’Farell, this place sees a lot of traffic. The restaurant looks unsuspecting to the passerby – small, cramped, and not too flashy. You usually find a couple of people standing at the doorway waiting for an open table, during lunch and dinner. Why are these people willing to wait? Because the food will knock your taste buds clear across the Pacific. I usually get the No. 24 or 27 dish.
  5. Jollibee – Filipino fast food
    What is a fast-food joint doing on this list? For no other reason that the fact that they serve palabok. I’m not saying it’s good palabok. I’m just saying they serve palabok. For the nostalgia of my youth, I often come here to savor my memories of the Philippines. It’s as much a time machine as it is a restaurant.

Do you have certain venues in San Francisco that you can’t help but visit? I’d love to hear about it!


Dinner at Jollibee… AGU rules!

Palabok, one of the perks of going to San Francisco.

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