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Photo Gallery: China Revisited

The year started off with a return from Hawaii, and another visit to China. The trip was a great scientific endeavor, but I could say less for my photographic ventures. I saw my third solar eclipse, but was working that day so I didn’t bring my camera (RATS!). The setting was surreal as the pollution made viewing the eclipse possible without the need for optical doohickeys such as a pinhole projector. Oh, how I regretted not taking my camera that day.

I try to expand my photographic boundaries every trip I make. Although, I didn’t take much photographs this time around, I did learn a lot about photography. One that comes to mind is the importance of tripods. I took a light-weight tripod for the convenience of traveling, but sacrificed (what could have been) a good shot because of it. Lesson learned. Never again.

Bird's Nest

At least a few of the shots came out passable… Maybe.


Photo Gallery: China & Alcatraz

I had completely forgotten that I updated the photo gallery to include some shots from my December trips to China and Alcatraz. D’oh! I’ll leave the pictures below without captions, hopefully they’ll be self-evident as to which is which.

China 2009

Alcatraz 2009

Greetings from China!

I can’t seem to connect to social networking sites while I’m here in China.  Let’s see if Posterous can help me work around that little blockade.  We head out to the field site today!

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