Unknown Flower
Unknown Flower (Oahu, HI)

Makapu'u Lookout
Makapu’u Lookout (Waimanalo, HI)

Turtle Bay
Turtle Bay (North Shore, HI)

Chinaman's Hat
Chinaman’s Hat (Kualoa Park, HI)

Blow Hole
Blow Hole (Waimanalo, HI)

Lighthouse (Waimanalo, HI)

Silversword (Haleakalā National Park, HI)

Nēnē (Haleakalā National Park, HI)

Humpback Whale - Head
Humpback Whale - Dorsal
Humpback Whale - Tail
Humpback Whale (Offshore Maui, HI)

Camouflaged Flatfish
Camouflaged Flatfish (Maui Ocean Center, HI)

Green Sand Beach
Green Sand Beach (Pu’u Mahana, HI)

Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle (Punalu’u, HI)

South Point
Southern-most Point of the United States (Ka Lae, HI)

Maui Sunset
Maui Sunset (Kama’ole Beach Park, HI)

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