In May of 2001, I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts from Leeward Community College (LCC), in Pearl City, Hawaii. While attending LCC, I took an introductory geology class taught by Professor Kakkala Mohanan. Dr. Mohanan influence led me to pursue a higher education in geology.

In August of 2005, I graduated with a  Bachelor of Science in Geology from Northern Arizona University (NAU), in Flagstaff, Arizona.  My childhood experience in the Philippines fueled my interest in earthquakes, and led to an independent research project, which was eventually submitted as a señor thesis, entitled ‘Analysis of historic seismicity in the Transition Zone and southern Basin and Range of southeastern Arizona‘, under the supervision of Professor David Brumbaugh.

In May of 2008, I graduated with a Master of Science in Geology, The University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). My research at UTEP, was focused on active-source seismology, which was used to image subsurface structures. A thesis was submitted, entitled ‘Seismic evidence and tectonic significance of an intracrustal reflector beneath the inner California Continental Borderland and Peninsular Ranges‘, under the guidance of Professor Kate Miller.

I am currently working towards a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Geophysics, at The University of Oklahoma (OU). My research includes crustal structures, seismogenic processes, and earthquake hazards. My studies comprise field-based operations, lab observations, and computer modeling. Co-advisors for the research are Professors Randy Keller and Ze’ev Reches.

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