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Not even a year old, and she’s already into smartphones!

9 November 2010 1 comment

Relax. The phone has been disinfected, and recommissioned as her chew toy.


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Lumix GF1 autofocus issue

So I ordered a MFT camera over the weekend, and had it overnighted, so that I can play with it and take it to a family gathering for this coming weekend.

My awaited Lumix GF1 with the 20mm kit lens came in yesterday morning, thanks to and FedEx. It felt awesome opening the box; unwrapping the accessories; and finally piecing together the lens and camera. A thing of beauty. That was, until…

I tried to take a photograph, and the autofocus started going bananas! Depressing the shutter button half-way sent the focusing motor into a cyclic frenzy trying to find something to focus on. Even when I took my finger off the shutter button it still continued to autofocus.

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